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Find out the many uses of VaporStrike
Click here to learn about the many uses of VaporStrike

The Benefits and Uses of VaporStrike

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“I have little free time
and resent devoting my precious leisure time to cleaning. VaporStrike revolutionized how I clean my home, eliminating all toxic cleaning solutions…
I get pristine-clean and sanitized results in less than half the time!”

Eunice Fishbach,
Scottsdale, AZ


“I own a residential cleaning service focusing on hi-end homes. Vaporstrike has reduced average job time by 71%, eliminated chemicals, and made cleaning effortless. My clients and staff are thrilled with the ‘green’ results and the product.”
Gary Rovira,
Phoenix, AZ

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Why are You Still Using Toxic Cleaning Products? Controlled heat is the purest, oldest, and most effective cleansing agent known to man. VaporStrike is a sturdy, commercial grade product that only uses heated molecules of pure vapor as its cleansing agent. Modern technology easily enables you to eliminate chemicals, effort, aches and pains from any cleaning regimen while achieving meticulous results.

The Vapor Cleaning Experience: VaporStrike™ heats water to 297º F, pressurizes it to create odorless dry steam vapor and your green cleaning experience is ready to begin. Millions of hot vapor molecules attack, break down and clean surface build-up as they penetrate deeply into the pores, nooks and crannies of the item being cleaned. Heat and molecular size provide the power that enables vapor to reach far beyond the cleaning capability of any conventional product.

Three Unique Actions - One Application: VaporStrike™ provides the additional benefits of sanitizing and deodorizing as it meticulously cleans - without leaving a residue or odor. As vapor molecules at 297º F penetrate the surface microorganisms and all other bacteria are killed on contact.

Versatility: Hospitals, Veterinarians, Motorcycle Dealers, Homes, and a variety of places in between use VaporStrike™ because it performs as represented in each environment.

Ease Of Use: Simply guide the implement over the surface to be cleaned and unleash the power of vapor to effortlessly do all the work. As soon as your finger pulls the safety trigger a continuous flow of hot vapor molecules is released so work is not interrupted with wasted downtime to add, heat, and pressurize water. You will enjoy pristine results without scrubbing or experiencing the aches and pains associated with traditional cleaning. On average it cleans 67% faster and more effectively than conventional cleaning products.

Immediate Benefits Include:
  • Eliminate exposure to toxic gases from cleaning chemicals
  • Neither pollutes nor contaminates the environment
  • Cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes at the same time
  • Kills microorganisms, pathogens, and other bacteria on contact
  • Cleaning will be easier, faster, and more effective without aches
    and pains
VaporStrike™ is a sturdy commercial grade product ergonomically designed and manufactured in Italy. This state of the art product is for discerning people who demand the ultimate in sanitizing and cleanliness without using products containing chemicals.

Do You Really Know The Contents of Your Cleaning Products? With VaporStrikethere is No guessing: pure water.

If You’ve Had It With Exposure To Toxic Cleaning Products
and Want To Enjoy A Cleaner, Healthier Home

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for a FREE NO OBLIGATION demonstration
on your toughest cleaning problem - smell and see for yourself.

Experience “Totally Green Cleaning” Today…and be healthier forever!

Find out the many benefits of VaporStrike
Click here to learn about the many benefits of VaporStrike

...the primary ingredients in many common household cleaning products are harmful to your health?

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Receive your valuable information on popular household cleaning products...
you will be stunned!


“We pride ourselves in presenting a pristine appearance at all times throughout our facility. Our lobby and casitas have stone/grout floors and VaporStrike is critical in keeping them looking professionally cleaned every day. Our residents and staff truly appreciate chemicals, mop buckets, and the mess being eliminated.”
Mary Sobarzo, Environmental Services Manager,
Grandview Terrace,
Sun City West, AZ


“Vaporstrike leaves the stone and grout on my floors and countertops looking professionally cleaned without the
expense and abrasive chemicals.”

Laurel Canham,
Phoenix, AZ

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