Fast, Effective & Effortless Chemical-Free Cleaning
VaporStrike - Fast, Effective & Effortless Chemical-Free Cleaning
Find out the many uses of VaporStrike
Click here to learn about the many uses of VaporStrike

“We pride ourselves in presenting a pristine appearance at all times throughout our facility. Our lobby and casitas have stone/grout floors and VaporStrike is critical in keeping them looking professionally cleaned every day. Our residents and staff truly appreciate chemicals, mop buckets, and the mess being eliminated.”
Mary Sobarzo, Environmental Services Manager,
Grandview Terrace,
Sun City West, AZ


“I’m a “handy-man” and can fix just about anything in a home. VaporStrike has enabled me to offer cleaning grout, stone, and soap scum in showers to my clients because it is so effective and fast."
Harry “Handyman” Coolen, Scottsdale, AZ



VaporStrike VaporStrike VaporStrike
The Vapor Cleaning Experience: The amazing power of pure dry steam vapor turns tedious everyday cleaning into a unique experience and the applications are unlimited. Regardless of the task, you will be amazed at the ease of use, effectiveness, and pristine results…. all without using toxic cleaning chemicals and elbow grease. Below are some of the many uses for VaporStrike™:
  • Tile/stone and grout in the home and business - without affecting sealants
  • Ovens, stoves, fryers, grills, and other cooking equipment
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Garbage disposals
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning coils
  • Restaurant and hotel fixtures
  • Ventilation systems
  • Hot and cold food
    holding equipment
  • Food preparation and presentation equipment
  • Surface counters
    of any material
  • Store fixtures and
    glass display cases
  • Small electrical appliances
  • Health care medical devices, examination tables, etc.
  • Saunas, whirlpools, pools, locker rooms (lockers, benches, floor surfaces)
  • Exercise pads and equipment
  • Vehicle and boat detailing
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Elevator tracks, escalators, metal thresholds at entryways
  • Bathrooms - sinks, mirrors, toilet bowls and lids, urinals, urine stains, walls, floors
  • Blinds while in place
  • Sliding door tracks
  • Real and silk indoor plants
  • Crystal, porcelain figurines, other valuable, fragile items
  • Mirrors, windows, glass tables and pieces – without streaking
  • Pet areas, beds, crates,
    cages, bowls
  • Mattresses, shoes, dresser drawers, storage chests
  • Cleans and restores stone walls, dry walls, baseboards, and floors without streaking
  • Nurseries (crib, mattress, blankets, toys, furniture)
  • Spot cleans stains in
    carpet, fabric and leather without saturation
  • Removes:
    • Soap scum and mildew from bathroom tiles, shower doors and walls, sinks, tubs, and fixtures
    • Built up char on grills, convection ovens, & stainless backsplashes
    • Gum, grease, tar, nicotine residue, and ground in dirt from upholstery and carpets
Ease Of Use: Simply guide the implement over the surface to be cleaned and unleash the power of vapor to effortlessly do all the work. As soon as your finger pulls the safety trigger a continuous flow of hot vapor molecules is released so work is not interrupted with wasted downtime to add, heat, and pressurize water. You will enjoy pristine results without scrubbing or experiencing the aches and pains associated with traditional cleaning. On average it cleans 67% faster and more effectively than conventional cleaning products… and its 100% green!

VaporStrike™ is a sturdy commercial grade product ergonomically designed and manufactured in Italy. This state of the art product is for discerning people who demand the ultimate in sanitizing and cleanliness without using products containing chemicals.

Sealants: Quality sealants penetrate the porous stone and grout to retard potentially damaging spills. Vapor effectively cleans their surfaces without affecting the sealant’s retardant ability.

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Find out the many benefits of VaporStrike
Click here to learn about the many benefits of VaporStrike

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“Being a single, working mom with two young children is tough enough - cleaning my apartment doesn’t make life any easier. I’m a “clean freak” and VaporStrike has been a huge help because it makes cleaning much easier, faster, and “green” – so, no chemicals in my apartment."
Terra Johnson,
Glendale, AZ

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