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Assisted Living Facilities
Cleaning Services
Dental Offices
Dog Breeders
Gourmet Restaurants

Assisted Living Facilities

“The Stratford is a high-end assisted living facility and we understand the importance of a visitor’s first impression. We use VaporStrike to keep
the tile and grout in our reception area looking like they have just been professionally cleaned every day. The yellow mop bucket and caution sign
are gone, and there’s no mess or drying time as with mopping. In the resident’s area we are faced with cleanliness and odor issues associated
with incontinence - and VaporStrike’s unique ability to clean, sanitize, and deodorize at the same time is invaluable. The unit is easy to use and is far more effective than any chemical products we have tried.”
Greg Brown, Asst. Maintenance Mgr.,The Stratford, Phoenix, AZ

“Grandview Terrace is an exclusive senior living community that prides
itself on a pristine appearance throughout the facility. Our main reception area and casitas have tile and grout floors that always presented a major, time consuming and endless challenge for our cleaning staff. VaporStrike
has not only solved the problem, but its sped and ease of use has
increased productivity because staff no longer experience the aches and pains of scrubbing – and don’t have to wait for the floor to dry. Residents and staff appreciate the fact that chemicals are not used and we have a greener environment.”
Mary Sobarzo, Environmental Services Manager, Grandview Terrace, Sun City West, AZ

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Cleaning Services

"My business is cleaning kitchens in Mexican restaurants. Many of the dishes are zapped in a microwave before being served and those ovens can be nasty to clean since so much cheese and beans are used. VaporStrike makes cleaning them much easier and faster, and we can clean when food is present since chemicals are not used."
Carlos Banos, Santa Ana, CA

“I own a cleaning service and have been using VaporStrike for the past
three years. It's ease of use, speed and effectiveness enable us to do
an outstanding job in less time without scrubbing and inhaling chemicals. Our many clients with allergies and respiratory ailments and those who are sensitive to chemicals are thrilled with chemical free cleaning.”
Elizabeth Bates, Pure Cleaning Services, San Diego, CA

“I own a residential cleaning service focusing on hi-end homes. Vaporstrike has reduced average job time by 71%, eliminated chemicals, and made cleaning effortless. My clients and staff are thrilled with the ‘green’ results and the product”.
Gary Rovira, Phoenix, AZ

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Dental Offices

“I insist on a pristine facility for patients and my staff has cleaning responsibilities to guarantee that end. Major areas of concern are patient treatment chairs, tile and grout floors, and the lab. VaporStrike has replaced all chemical products, does a superior job in less time, and my staff loves using it. All of us appreciate that the product is green and truly helping the environment.”
Joseph S. Dovgan, DDS, MS. Paradise Valley, AZ

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“We specialize in restoring specialty and collector automobiles and that is very time consuming. Wheels and interiors are particularly labor and time intensive, and that increases my costs. VaporStrike replaced all of the various chemicals and products we used for leather, wood, carpets, etc.,
and does the complete job faster and more effectively. Productivity has increased because VaporStrike does most of the work so detailers don’t experience the pains from repetitive scrubbing and polishing. Leather and carpets look and feel like new, and dry in minutes because the vapor is not wet. The product’s sanitizing and deodorizing capability allows us to
remove odors from the interior and thoroughly deodorize the ventilation system. Clientele are delighted with the results – their cars look great and are odor free.”
Rich Price, President, AutoReconUSA, Irvine, CA

“In addition to other clients, we have been Barrett Jackson’s exclusive detailers for the past 14 years. VaporStrike has been our product of
choice for interiors for the past 4 years because it does a better job in less time than all of the detailing products we previously used. Whether its leather, wood, carpets, headliners, ventilation systems, etc., the results are always immaculate and achieved quickly because dry vapor does the work. Leather feels incredibly soft; carpet pile stands up; odors from the interior and ventilation system are removed… all without effort and without chemicals. Productivity has increased dramatically because of VaporStrike’s ease of use, and removing chemicals from our process is a blessing.

A significant part of our business includes detailing planes and luxury RVs and boats. VaporStrike is indispensable for those as well, particularly in deodorizing the cabins where odors tend to be more prevalent than in cars.

Regardless of the particular detail, the owner is always totally satisfied and appreciates the absence of a chemical smell because of our “green” process.”
Perry Dodd, President, European Detail Specialists, Phoenix, AZ.

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Dog Breeders

“I breed Dobermans so liters and dogs are a part of my life. VaporStrike is an indispensable cleaning aid and time saver in so many ways. Its sanitizing capability minimizes the risk of newborn puppies contracting parvovirus while keeping their area as clean and germ free as possible. It also easily removes drool and odors from kennels, and stains and odors from marking spots in my home – all without scrubbing. Being chemical free yet so effective ensures that the dogs will not come in contacts with any harmful cleaning products and their environment will be clean.”
Pat LaCour, Owner, Arista Kennels, San Diego, CA.

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"My hobby is out-door cooking on a barbecue pit and with southern California weather I use it often. The headache has always been cleaning the grill where char builds up, and the grease on exterior surfaces. VaporStrike easily cleans both without any scrubbing, and knowing that food being cooked will not come in contact with cleaning chemicals is a huge benefit."
Luke Hung, Orange, CA

"Being a single, working mom with two young children is tough enough - cleaning my apartment doesn’t make life any easier. I’m a “clean freak” and VaporStrike has been a huge help because it makes cleaning much easier, faster, and “green” – so, no chemicals in my apartment."
Terra Johnson, Glendale, AZ

"My two teenage boys seem to delight in making a mess out of showers, sinks, and bathroom floors, particularly around the toilet base where they usually miss. VaporStrike easily cleans and sanitizes the soap scum, glass, and floor stains – all of the things that used to give me problems and that
require effort."
Jenny Johnson, Del Mar, CA

"Cleaning my kitchen used to be a nightmare, but no longer thanks to VaporStrike. Whether it’s the refrigerator – especially the door racks – faucet base, granite surfaces, or ovens, the vapor unit completely outperforms all of the cleaning products I used to use. It’s also effortless so I’m pain free when the job is done. Best of all, I’m no longer cleaning with toxic chemicals."
Rosa Gomez, Miami, FL

"I bought a VaporStrike unit a few years ago to remove and kill mold from my basement walls when Boston had severe rains and flooding. Its versatility and effectiveness makes cleaning everything in my apartment a snap – and without chemicals."
JoAnn Albert, Boston, MA

"I love to cook and hate cleaning up afterwards – especially the oven and barbecue grill. VaporStrike has been a real treasure because it quickly cleans both and I don’t have to use any effort or chemicals. It does a great job on my tile and grout as well."
Diane Hutchison, San Diego, CA

“Before using Vaporstrike I had a different cleaning product for everything
in my home. Now I use vapor for every task. My home is cleaner and healthier, and I can clean those impossible nooks and crannies that used
to make me crazy.”
Sandy Epstein, Scottsdale, AZ

“I have little free time and resent devoting my precious leisure time to cleaning. Vaporstrike revolutionized how I clean my home, eliminating all
toxic cleaning solutions… I get pristine-clean and sanitized results in less than half the time!”
Eunice Fishbach, Scottsdale, AZ

“I always associated the odors from ammonia and bleach with cleanliness
and sanitation…until I researched them. Thanks to VaporStrike for changing the way I clean and enhancing my household environment.”
Evalyn Earhart, Newport Beach, CA

“VaporStrike leaves the stone and grout on my floors and counter- tops looking professionally cleaned without the expense and abrasive chemicals.”
Laurel Canham, Phoenix, AZ

“I’m a clean freak and didn’t feel my home could get much cleaner…until I
saw the results using Vaporstrike. Seeing is believing - my home is cleaner, the process is easier and faster, and there’s no lingering chemical odor.”
Dr. Sue Scott Palm Desert, CA

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Gourmet Restaurants

“I own a gourmet restaurant where cooking is done in an open kitchen so our clientele can watch the preparation. VaporStrike does an outstanding
job of cleaning without using chemicals, and interestingly enough, we even use it to clean the glass picture frames that display our art collection throughout the facility.”
Razz Kamnitzer, owner, Razz’s Restaurant, Scottsdale, Arizona

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“We have a large practice and perform a great deal of surgery. While cleanliness is stressed throughout the facility, it is particularly important in our ORs for the protection of animals and staff. During a procedure it’s common for tissue, blood, and other fluids to splatter on fixtures, walls, ceiling, and the floor. Time precludes the various substances from being attended to immediately and drying typically occurs prior to their being cleaned up. Obviously some substances are more difficult to remove than others, and we cannot take any chances on being exposed to their contents.

Even without chemicals VaporStrike has met every cleaning challenge while sanitizing and deodorizing the affected areas at the same time. We have the luxury of an OR cleansed of all foreign substances and know that any microorganisms or other germs have been killed on contact by the vapor. The product is easy to use, and faster and more effective than other cleaning chemicals we have used.”
Carol Prinster, Mgr., Saguaro Veterinary Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ

“Our specialty is treating birds and the procedures we use are dramatically different from those used in traditional veterinary medicine. Simply put, chemicals are lethal to birds, so our cleaning products and methods are unique. In addition to coming in contact with diseased birds, their cages get filthy and must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to prevent germs from spreading. While there are cleaning products claiming to be safe in our environment I prefer to be 100% certain and not chance killing a fine-feathered creature with an unknown substance. We use VaporStrike™ because not only does it clean, sanitize and deodorize at the same time, I always know that it only uses water to make the vapor. Therefore birds
that are brought to our facility for treatment will never come in contact with a chemical, and will live to chirp another day.”
Dr. Robert Crowe, Crowe Bird Clinic, Eagle Bend, AZ

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"Bedbug Zappers is a division of my company, Atomic Pest Control, that
is dedicated to resolving bedbug issues. We use VaporStrike because it
kills bed bugs on contact and does not use chemicals. This ensures against allergic or other adverse reactions from the process and removes us and our clients from liability attributable to chemicals. Clients in the hotel and apartment industries who frequently face bedbug issues are veryappreciative of the effective chemical free service."
John Beebe, Atomic Pest Control, Mesa, AZ

"I’m a “handy-man” and can fix just about anything in a home. VaporStrike has enabled me to offer cleaning grout, stone, and soap scum in showers to my clients because it is so effective and fast."
Harry “Handyman” Coolen, Scottsdale, AZ

“I own a pest control company and use a VaporStrike unit to clean and sanitize the equipment used in servicing clients. I’m anal about cleanliness and want our clients to see the equipment we use is clean as a whistle.
In addition to many other uses for the VaporStrike, e.g., cleaning my Harley, we have a 20 month-old girl and purchased another unit to keep in her nursery to ensure maximum cleanliness and sanitizing on the crib, mattress, pacifiers, etc. As she grows older and more curious with more gizmos to play with and put in her mouth the unit’s cleaning capabilities have become invaluable.”
Bret Ward, Owner, Sonoran Pest Control, Scottsdale, AZ

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