Fast, Effective & Effortless Chemical-Free Cleaning
VaporStrike - Fast, Effective & Effortless Chemical-Free Cleaning
Find out the many uses of VaporStrike
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“Our daughter is 18 months old and we’ve used VaporStrike in her nursery since birth. As she gets older there are more things to clean and sanitize, and knowing that everything can be cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized without using chemicals is priceless.”
Bret Ward, Owner,
Sonoran Pest Control, Scottsdale, AZ


“I always associated the odors from ammonia and bleach with cleanliness
and sanitation…until I researched them. Thanks to Vaporstrike for
changing the way I clean and enhancing my household environment.”

Evalyn Earhart, Newport Beach, CA


“Before using Vaporstrike I had a different cleaning product for
everything in my home. Now I use vapor for every task. My home
is cleaner and healthier, and I can clean those impossible nooks and
crannies that used to make me crazy.”

Sandy Epstein,
Scottsdale, AZ




The EPA Informed Congress:
Did You Know…
  • Many household cleaning products emit toxic gases that pollute the air… even when they’re sealed
  • These toxic emissions enter your blood stream directly through absorption and inhalation because your lungs do not have a
    filtration system

Need Proof? Take A Common Sense “Smell Test” For Yourself
Walk down the cleaning products aisle in your supermarket and note the strong “chemical” smell. At a minimum you will experience burning in your nose and throat.
Why? Because most of the products are releasing toxic gasses. Imagine the adverse effects during use, particularly on vulnerable children and people suffering from allergies and respiratory ailments.

Traditional Cleaning: Except for product names and marketing spin the basics and results of cleaning remain the same:
  • Multiple cleaning products containing chemicals
  • Mops, sponges, and rags
  • Elbow grease, aches, pains, and time
  • Surface residue
Eco-Friendly Products: Trendy, but other than marketing hype and scant label information what do you really know about the ingredients? Listing ingredients on cleaning products is poorly regulated, so who knows? Here’s the litmus test: drink a glass-full of the contents!

The Vapor Cleaning Experience: VaporStrike™ heats water to 297º F, pressurizes it to create odorless dry steam vapor and your green cleaning experience is ready to begin. Millions of hot vapor molecules attack, break down and clean surface build-up as they penetrate deeply into the pores, nooks and crannies of the item being cleaned. Heat and molecular size provide the power that enables vapor to reach far beyond the cleaning capability of any conventional product.

The results will be dramatically different from traditional cleaning:
  • Exposure to toxic gases from cleaning chemicals is eliminated
  • Cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes at the same time without any residue
  • Microorganisms and other bacteria are killed on contact
  • On average cleaning is 67% faster and more effective
  • Your family, pet, wildlife, and the environment will be far better off
Three Unique Actions - One Application: VaporStrike™ provides the additional benefits of sanitizing and deodorizing as it meticulously cleans - without leaving a residue or odor. As vapor molecules at 297º F penetrate the surface microorganisms and all other bacteria are killed on contact… not masked by chemicals.

And – we will drink the ingredient we use for cleaning!

Ease Of Use: Simply guide the implement over the surface to be cleaned and unleash the power of vapor to effortlessly do all the work. As soon as your finger pulls the safety trigger a continuous flow of hot vapor molecules is released so work is not interrupted with wasted downtime to add, heat, and pressurize water. You will enjoy pristine results without scrubbing or experiencing the aches and pains associated with traditional cleaning. On average it cleans 67% faster and more effectively than conventional cleaning products.

No More Aches, Pains and Chemicals: Whether you clean your home or have help - the usual aches and pains from scrubbing, and exposure to toxins from cleaning products will be things of the past.

VaporStrike™ is a sturdy commercial grade product ergonomically designed and manufactured in Italy. This state of the art product is for discerning people who demand the ultimate in sanitizing and cleanliness without using products containing chemicals.

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Start Cleaning Green Today
Be Healthier - Have a Cleaner Home - Protect the Environment

Experience “Totally Green Cleaning” Today…and be healthier forever!

Find out the many benefits of VaporStrike
Click here to learn about the many benefits of VaporStrike

...the primary ingredients in many common household cleaning products are harmful to your health?

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“I’m a clean freak and didn’t feel my home could get much cleaner…until I saw
the results using Vaporstrike. Seeing is believing - my home is cleaner,
the process is easier and faster, and there’s no lingering chemical odor.”

Dr. Sue Scott,
Palm Desert, CA

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