Fast, Effective & Effortless Chemical-Free Cleaning
VaporStrike - Fast, Effective & Effortless Chemical-Free Cleaning
Find out the many uses of VaporStrike
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“We specialize in restoring classic cars and have had incredible results using VaporStrike in the interiors and ventilation systems. Areas that must look immaculate like leather, carpets, wood, and headliners are easily cleaned and deodorized with VaporStrike… and without the usual odor of chemicals. Productivity is up because vapor does all of the work that used to be repetitive.”
Rich Price, President, AutoReconUSA, Irvine, CA
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The Professional Detailers’ Worst Enemies: Time and elbow grease are the conscientious detailer’s worst enemies because a significant amount of both are required to turn out the result expected by discerning clientele. These critical factors minimize the number of details that can be completed in a given amount of time, which adversely affects the bottom line.

Cleaning and Deodorizing With Vapor: VaporStrike™ heats water to 297º F, pressurizes it to create odorless dry steam vapor and your green cleaning experience is ready to begin. Millions of hot vapor molecules attack, break down and clean surface build-up as they penetrate deeply into the pores, nooks and crannies of the item being cleaned. Heat and molecular size provide the power that enables vapor to deodorize and reach far beyond the cleaning capability of any conventional product. It meticulously cleans and deodorizes interior areas of planes, luxury cars, boats, and RVs that include the following:

  • Leather
  • Carpeting
  • Headliners
  • Door Panels
  • Air ducts & internal ventilation hoses
  • Galleys
  • Windows
The Professional Detailer’s Immediate Benefits: The benefits are endless, but some of those immediately realized are as follows:
  • The detail job will be superb
  • Chemicals and odors will be eliminated
  • Less time/job will be required
  • Increased worker productivity because effort is not required
  • Increased revenue
  • The technique is environmentally friendly – excellent GREEN PR
  • Demanding clientele will be impressed and totally satisfied
Ease Of Use: Simply pull the safety trigger and a continuous flow of hot vapor molecules is released and ready to start cleaning. The user guides
an implement over the area to be cleaned and unleashes the power of
vapor to effortlessly do all the work. The results will be pristine and
without chemicals, scrubbing, aches and pains. On average cleaning is
67% faster and more effective than when using conventional cleaning products containing chemicals.

Up -Time: VaporStrike
™ provides “continuous” vapor so a job is not interrupted to ad, pressurize, and heat water. When the water level is low audible and visuals alarms are emitted to notify the user. Water is then added to the reservoir “on the fly” and work continues without interruption. This is possible because the reservoir and boiler are separate components
so heat and pressure are not factors in adding water.

VaporStrike™ is a sturdy commercial grade product ergonomically designed and manufactured in Italy. This state of the art product is for professional detailers who take pride in their work and want to stay ahead of their competition and offer the highest level of service.

Listen Up: Detailing is highly competitive with the same products and techniques being universally used. Isn’t it time to distinguish your business from the herd and truly excel? VaporStrike™ easily enables you to achieve that end while being green and protecting the environment.

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Find out the many benefits of VaporStrike
Click here to learn about the many benefits of VaporStrike

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“In addition to our own business, we’ve been Barrett-Jackson’s exclusive detailers for the past 14 years. We use VaporStrike to clean and deodorize every part of a car’s interior: leather, wood, carpet, headliner, etc., and the ventilation system. The results are far superior to those of every product we’ve tried over the years, and we’ve eliminated chemicals from the process. We use it for planes, boats, and RVs as well.”
Perry Dodd, President, European Detail Specialists, Phoenix, AZ
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